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Why Choose BlueAnt?

Everything BlueAnt makes is characterised by its simple and intuitive technological innovations. With the best fit and finish, optimal sweat and water proofing, top of the range sports audio, sleek design and that elusive X-factor, BlueAnt sits high above the pack.

Music is the ultimate performance enhancer and BlueAnt’s range of Sports Audio and Sports Lifestyle products cover all the bases.


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BlueAnt is a global sports audio and lifestyle brand founded in Australia in 2003. BlueAnt is focused on developing audio products that inspire people to get fit. Using innovative materials combined with stylish design and engineering, BlueAnt premium wireless sportsbuds and headphones provide energised HD audio and pure sound clarity, perfect for use during everyday activities or intense physical workouts.

Product Lines

  • BlueAnt Pump Air True Wireless Sportsbuds
  • BlueAnt PUMP ZONE Wireless HD Audio
  • BlueAnt PUMP SOUL Wireless On Ear Headphones
  • BlueAnt PUMP Lite2 Wireless HD Audio Sportsbuds