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Why choose igloohome?


Keyless access: No more hassle of locating forgotten keys or replacing missing ones. No more frustration of accidental lock-outs. No more fumbling for keys.

Multiple entry modes: Unlock with a PIN code, or a Bluetooth key on your smart phone. Different modes of entry are offered for flexibility of access. The physical key is still available as a back-up.

Works offline: The igloohome deadbolt works with innovative technology involving encryption and synchronisation. No internet connection is required for the lock, so there is no need to worry about Wi-Fi hacking or connectivity.

Mobile app-enabled:  Grant access to your home even when you are away. With the igloohome mobile app, create PIN codes or Bluetooth keys, and select how long you want them to be valid for. Send them to your visitors from the app.

View access logs: Track the dates and times at which visitors enter your home. Greater visibility on access brings you greater peace of mind. Bluetooth key access logs are updated in real time, and PIN code access logs are updated when the master owner uses a Bluetooth key.

Optional services: AirBnB hosts can synchronise their listing calendars with their igloohome account so that PIN codes are automatically created for guests.

igloohome makes access to a home smart, simple, and safe. The igloohome Smart Lock Deadbolt is essential in every home. Compact in size and price, it comes with tons of features for keyless access. igloohome is a preferred partner of Airbnb, solving the problem of key handover at awkward hours.

igloohome products have been shipped to over 70 countries and are available at Noel Leeming stores.

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