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Kaiser Baas

Why choose Kaiser Baas?

Kaiser Baas is committed to knowing what consumers want and delivering on it. We’re here to inject some adrenalin into everyday lives and to encourage everyone to get out into the world and embrace a new experience.

Kaiser Baas lives by the motto “Challenge Yourself”.


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Kaiser Baas is an Adventure Technology brand devoted to bringing exciting new products to consumers. If you are chasing a new experience, Kaiser Baas is here to help you Challenge Yourself.

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A new age of e-transport is here and raring to go – whenever you are! Self-balancing Gliders, e-bikes and e-scooters are just the beginning of this exciting new evolution in personal transport. Whether it’s for fun or for a serious commute, rideables are energy efficient and are ultimately the future of transport.


Piloting an aircraft used to be the exclusive domain of the aviation industry. With the Kaiser Baas Drone Series you too can experience the thrill of navigating the skies.

Action Cameras and Accessories

What do you love to do? What gets you out of bed and excited for the day? You don’t have to be a celebrity sports-action star to use an Action Camera. Whatever it is that you love and wherever you go to do it, the Kaiser Baas X-Series will record and capture all of you adventures.

Mobile Accessories

Keep your technology powered-up and on-hand with Kaiser Baas’ wide range of mobile accessories. Recharge your devices when there’s not a power point in sight.

Car DVRs

The R-Series Car DVR has been designed to cater to all drivers, from beginners to long distance journey takers and performance vehicle owners. Don’t leave it up to someone else to stand up for your vehicle rights after an accident, let the R-Series back you up and put the facts at your fingertips.