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Why choose Microsoft?

CSP enables resellers to have a profitable Microsoft Cloud business with greater control of the services they choose to offer. The reseller owns the billing relationship with their customer and this is done via monthly billing of their subscription services.

Resellers can also gain access to manage and support their customer’s subscriptions using the Microsoft Partner Network. Due to the monthly billing and flexibility of the CSP programme this should allow resellers to create more successful and financially beneficial relationships with your customers. Resellers can also wrap up Microsoft cloud offers with their own managed services providing maximum efficiency and value for money for their business and customers.

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Exeed is a partner in Microsoft’s Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) Programme. Microsoft sees this as the way licensing will be offered moving forward so there is a very aggressive growth plan for this programme. Currently products like Office 365, Exchange Online, Project, Skype and Azure are available. CSP offers resellers richer incentives for selling Microsoft Cloud Services, with the opportunity to continue managing setup and migration, while still offering plenty of flexibility for your customers.

With CSP, you can sell these services to new customers who have no existing Microsoft Cloud products or you can add additional subscriptions to customers who already do. This programme creates maximum flexibility around billing and subscription quantities with the ability to increase and decrease the quantity of existing subscriptions whenever you like as well as adding new services almost instantly.

Exeed also distributes Microsoft Fully Packaged Product and Electronic Software Downloads which include Microsoft Office and Windows 10 among others.

Additional Information

At exeed we are looking forward to helping you grow your Microsoft Cloud offerings so please contact us with any questions you have. You can call (09) 302 8253 or 0800 2EXEED to speak to one of our friendly team members or email us at csp@exeed.co.nz.