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Why choose Mycloudstore?

Simple to setup, manage and use
Provide cloud services without the huge investment
Infrastructure and LiveVault hosted and managed by a world-class DXC platform in NZ
Move budgets from Capex to Opex
Flexible, one-stop shop for SMB customers

Mycloudstore’s provisioning platform allows resellers to sell cloud services while retaining ownership of the billing relationship with the end-user customers. This makes it easy for resellers to deliver the cloud services that their customers want and need.

Customers can feel secure knowing that their data will be hosted and supported in New Zealand.

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Mycloudstore is a division of exeed Limited. It is a pure channel model that offers cloud solutions to NZ IT resellers. Mycloudstore is an easy to use platform for small businesses to operate their IT from without the need to invest in or manage their own hardware on their premises. This allows access to the power of cloud services at an affordable price. Trusted brands are used, with infrastructure and LiveVault backup hosted and managed in DXC-driven data centres right here in New Zealand.

DXC-powered cloud solutions means resellers can continue to sell the world’s leading server and storage brand as they always have, but now it can also be in the cloud and still maintain a consistent sales message for customers.

We distribute for IT resellers to deliver. It’s that simple. Get a taste of our solutions below.

Additional Information

The benefits of cloud:
Reduced risk
Lower hardware costs
Fast and effective
Anytime, anywhere access

Other mycloudstore services include security, fibre connectivity and business applications. Mycloudstore is also able to assist with solution design and provide a trial environment as a demonstration for all resellers.

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If you would like to learn more about mycloudstore’s offers and/or find a reseller, please email info@mycloudstore.co.nz

If you are interested in becoming a reseller for mycloudstore, please email info@mycloudstore.co.nz. Or click here http://mycloudstore.co.nz/Become+a+Reseller+copy.html. You must have an account with exeed Ltd to resell mycloudstore products.

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