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RapidStart CRM

Why would my customer want RapidStart CRM?

The number one reason would be: Speed to ROI.

Dynamics 365 is an additional expense for your customer that stands alone.

You, as well as your customers, need them to quickly realize a return on that investment, and RapidStart CRM is designed to do exactly that.

Every business is different. There is a lot of room between a one-size-fits-all approach and a full custom deployment. Out of the box, Dynamics 365 would be considered a one-size-fits-all solution, but out of the box it actually fits no customers very well. RapidStart CRM lands between these two extremes.

Sales of complex CRM systems requires a deep knowledge of Business Processes and the full capabilities of the Dynamics 365 solution. Talking to your customers about RapidStart CRM is a very easy conversation. It provide’s its partners with the sales tools they need to be comfortable having this discussion.

RapidStart CRM provides CSP resellers with a fast, low cost method to get your customers up-and-running with Dynamics 365. The RapidStart CRM solution surfaces the essential functions of Dynamics365 without bogging you down with advanced capabilities as you get started. You can get a customized deployment without customizing, using the simple web-based Wizards that allow you to easily mold CRM to fit your customers specific needs. RapidStart CRM lets you easily customize Leads, Opportunities, Accounts and Contacts as well as setup users and import the initial data. Your customer will be productive with Dynamics365 almost immediately as a result of the built-in integrated video training that is at their fingertips.

When you are ready expand to advanced capabilities, you can remove the “Training Wheels” component in less than a minute. RapidStart CRM is ideally suited for small and midsized businesses or the departmental needs of larger enterprises.


  • Low Fixed Cost
  • Simplified Navigation
  • Integrated Training
  • Market Research Tool
  • Easy Customisations
  • Easy Adoption