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Why choose Atdec?

Atdec’s mounting systems boast superior design, unique features and product flexibility which make the Atdec products ideal for a broad range of applications in various markets. The Atdec research and development team consists of talented mechanical and industrial engineers who take pride in producing beautifully designed and robust products with the cleverest of features.

Atdec’s success is also attributable to partnerships with the world’s best known flat screen manufacturers such as Samsung, NEC, Fujitsu, Panasonic and others where custom design and bespoke mounting solutions affording unrivalled functionality are critical.

Atdec’s belief in sustainable development is paramount. All Atdec’s products are designed for disassembly and durability which means they are made to be taken apart easily for recycling at the end of their life and they serve customers longer. Atdec offers a return policy for all products at the end of their life cycle. All products meet the major international environmental directives such as RoHS, California Proposition 65 and vigorous product emissions standards such as Greenguard.

Atdec continues to strive for design and manufacturing excellence and has an ongoing commitment to research and development by a team of engineers and industrial designers that is in tune with the market. Atdec partners with global electronics manufacturers and continually researches international trends to ensure products meet market demands and support advances in technology.


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Atdec is a world leading designer and manufacturer of AV mounting solutions, with over 17 years of experience and a wealth of collaborative knowledge with industry leading manufacturers. As a result it is able to create solutions that excel in a range of environments from healthcare to the commercial office space and everything in between. Atdec creates adaptable products that address current and future workplace trends and can be tailored to any user.

  • Tablet Mounts
  • TV/Monitor Desk Mounts
  • TV/Monitor Wall mounts
  • TV/Monitor Ceiling mounts
  • TV Floor mounts
  • Video Wall mounts

Additional Information

Established in 1998, Atdec is a world leader in mounting innovation and design. All products are designed and manufactured by Atdec. Logistics, customer support and warehousing facilities are based in Sydney, Australia with additional facilities in Kent, Washington, USA and Birmingham, UK.

Atdec exports to over 20 countries in Asia, the Middle East, UK and Europe, and Atdec product can be seen worldwide in train stations and airports, fast food restaurants, public spaces, multi-national corporations and banks, and, importantly homes, from the bedroom to the kitchen.