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Why choose BitTitan?

It is all about IT service providers. Whether you consider yourself a value-added reseller, system integrator, or managed services provider, it’s mission is to empower you to be more successful.

BitTitan started with MigrationWiz, a tool to make cloud data migration easier, which it transformed into MSPComplete, a platform that helps automate every aspect your business: sales, service delivery, and ongoing customer management.


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With services available like email and data migration, Office 365 management tools, a 24X7 support service and a product that enables you to accurately price and manage an on-premise server to Azure migration there are lots of great services to help complement your Microsoft cloud offerings.

BitTitan’s MSPComplete website portal offers a great way to manage your customers products and deployments with an easy to use interface with email and chat support included. By adding BitTitan services like Mission Control or Concierge you can you can increase your monthly revenue while also creating additional value for your customers.

We look forward to working with you in the future to help upgrade your cloud business with BitTitan’s great suite of services.

To order BitTitan from exeed please email your order through to either sales@exeed.co.nz or csp@exeed.co.nz.

Alternatively if you would like to discuss any of the products please contact the product manager, Jason Cox @ jcox@exeed.co.nz or our cloud BDM, Simon Tabrum @ stabrum@exeed.co.nz.

Product Offerings

  • Email Migration
  • Data Migration
  • Office 365 Management Tools
  • MSPComplete

MSPComplete: Overview