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Control C

Why choose ControlC?

• Peace of mind – backs up your Xero financial data to New Zealand Data Centres

• Local – data is stored in local Data Centres so you can easily supply data to the NZ IRD if required

• It makes Xero even more reliable and efficient for your business

• Easy to obtain – download directly to your office

• Mobile – once downloaded you don’t need to be online

• Timely – data is backed up to the Data Centres every 24 hours

• Easy – is a feature-rich tool available in several formats that allows you to easily view and report on your backed up Xero data

• Flexible – works in Windows and Apple environments


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Control C is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated software development company. Its solution enables companies using Xero accounting software to easily back up their precious financial data and have it stored indefinitely in New Zealand Data Centres. This allows users to easily supply their data to NZ IRD if ever required. The Control C backup solution includes a very user friendly app, called backapp, that allows companies to view and search their backed up data, and create user-friendly reports, extending Xero’s comprehensive service.

The concept of backing up financial data had been in the back of founder, Campbell Green’s, mind since 2009.  With over eight years of experience in starting up and running a successful online data backup and disaster recovery service, he was mindful of his company’s financial records being held in “the cloud”. Hence the idea to localise Xero’s cloud data was born.  By 2013, he had developed the core products, had a team around him and Controlc Limited is now in business. Subscribers of the service can now enjoy peace of mind, making Controlc the perfect partner for Xero customers.


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