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Why choose Crossware?

Crossware is changing the way that companies use email, by giving control back to IT, and maximizing your marketing reach. Crossware Mail Signature makes it easy to design and manage the email signatures of your entire company.

  • Start with a template, or create your own design
  • Supports all mobile devices
  • ‘Drag and drop editor’
  • Assign editor rights
  • Create variations based on rules
  • Remove ‘Sent from my iPhone”
  • Gold Certified Microsoft Partner
  • Join customers from over 60 countries!

Companies from every industry use Crossware’s software. From Airlines to Law Firms, Chemical Manufacturers to Construction Companies, Banks to Watchmakers – even a Formula 1 Racing Team!


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What is Crossware Mail Signature?

Crossware Mail Signature is an email signature application that automatically adds compliant, personalised and attractive email signatures to every email, from any device. These signatures may include disclaimers, logos, graphics and advertising banners. Each of these elements can be included based on rules that you create.

Crossware Mail Signature removes the need to configure signatures on individual workstations, or relying on employees to update their signature. You can create variations for different groups or individuals in your business and centrally manage them all from one database. Crossware is headquartered in Auckland, with additional offices in Orlando and London.

Crossware includes:

  • Email Branding
  • Email Disclaimers
  • Email Advertising
  • Mobile Email Signatures
  • Central Management

Additional Information

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