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HPE Financial Services

Exeed can offer very competitive rates for IT leasing through its partnership with HPE Financial Services.  You can include any IT vendors’ products, support and software, plus wrap your services into the deal to give your customer flexibility with their IT funding model.  Exeed will manage the process for you so that all you need to do is provide us with the details we need and we’ll send back the forms that need to be signed to get the deal done.

Why Choose HPE Financial Services?

Today we work and operate in a world of constant change.  The ability to adapt and respond to change is necessary to deliver value faster and better than the competition.  This requires a new way of thinking across all functions of the business, including IT and finance.  With global expertise and an array of different funding models to meet your customers’ needs, HPE Financial Services can provide the right IT investment strategy to be able to access the best IT for your customer and deliver the right financial outcomes.