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Why choose Lenovo?

Lenovo’s Smart IoT is about building a meaningful and powerful ecosystem of technology with the user at the centre, not just building separate devices. A true smart home improves security, convenience, comfort and artistry at home—all while being environmentally friendly and energy-saving. The actual smart home devices are, of course, some of the most important components; they need to connect, sense, compute, interact, and work within a cross-device Smart IoT cloud platform.

Lenovo has a complete process and mechanism to ensure the information security of smart home products. Before the product reaches the market, the firmware and software must pass an intensive security review. In addition, Lenovo’s global security laboratory will protect the information security of the product, including architecture review, privacy review, white box review, open source library review, black box test, and APP hardening. For products that are already on the market, should security risks be discovered, repairs and updates will be delivered immediately.

Lenovo is a US$50 billion Fortune Global 500 company, with 57,000 employees and operating in 180 markets around the world.  Focused on a bold vision to deliver smarter technology for all, Lenovo is developing world-changing technologies that create a more inclusive, trustworthy and sustainable digital society.

Lenovo already offers, or is actively developing, more than 20 categories of smart home products that go way beyond security, light bulbs, or sockets. Lenovo’s ever-expanding list of smart home systems and devices gives contractors and do-it-yourselfers new options for connecting and automating—transforming, really—nearly every functional aspect of a typical home.

Any one of Lenovo’s Smart Home devices will make a home smarter. Adopt a few of them and you’ll see noticeable time and energy savings. Or take on the full list to give your smart home a graduate degree.

Product Lines

  • Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant
  • Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant
  • Lenovo Smart Lighting
  • Lenovo Smart Plug
  • Lenovo Smart IR Controller
  • Lenovo Smart Security

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