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Why choose STM?

STM takes device protection seriously with a singular focus and commitment to offering best-in-class products. Hallmarks of an STM product are comfort, organisation, protection, and convenience. Fantastic customer service and products backed by lifetime warranties offer further support for customers. As a result, STM customers are rabidly loyal to the brand.

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Laptop bags and protective cases with innovative design and serious protection are STM’s hallmarks. STM offers a full range of lifestyle oriented laptop bags, tablet cases, smartphone cases, and accessories. STM’s mission is to provide a more comfortable, secure, and stylish means to transport and protect digital gear. All STM products are backed by a product lifetime warranty.

Founded in 1998 in Sydney, at the famous suburb of Bondi Beach, STM’s mission has always been to create more comfortable, secure, and stylish means of transporting digital gear. Trying somehow to conceal the fact that he worked in an IT Department proved to be a challenge for STM’s co-founder. Finding the right solution in a sea of boring black bags that screamed, “I work for the Man” was also not helping. His first idea to cocoon his laptop in bubble wrap, then tuck the bundle into a hiking pack resulted in the classic “there’s got to be a better way!” The rest, as they say, is history. Today, STM makes a variety of laptop bags, backpacks, fitted tablet cases, and smartphone cases: all designed to make life a bit more worry free.

Product Lines

  • Smartphone Cases 
  • Tablet Cases 
  • Laptop Fitted Cases 
  • Laptop Sleeves 
  • Laptop Backpacks 
  • Laptop Shoulder bags 

Additional Information

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